Corporate Services

Flowers & Arrangements for your business

Whatever your business Garlands has a gift to suit your clientele.
Garlands can confidently offer a high quality service and product which will match the exacting standards of your business.
Services we provide include Garlands can provide weekly or fortnightly reception arrangement agreements so that your reception is always fresh and modern.
We have a large client base who over many years have been pleased by our constant ever adapting service which can always offer them value for money and the caring service we pride ourselves on.
We work closely with our current customers to ensure our service remains unrivalled. 
"With unique and creative designs, we go the extra mile to give you the wow factor, that will always separate you from the rest" Richard Bate | Director
We offer all our corporate customers a invoice 30 day account so payments are all stress free.
For a free no obligation consultation on your business requirements or for further information please visit our contact us page for further information.